Tuesday, April 22, 2008

When You're on the Go...

The premise of Coordinatr has always been to enable users to quickly and efficiently create last minute events. This objective actually runs counter to us providing a service via a website that requires you to be at a laptop or desktop.

What if you're on the way to your event and you find that it's closed? (this actually just happened to me last Monday) Or you're running out of drinks at the BBQ and want to let people know that they should stop by the store and pick some up?

And let's be honest...you've spent the week working and you're definitely not going to be on the computer during the weekend. How can you be notified of last minute events then?

We've been working on solving that little conundrum. In fact, we just pushed out the functionality for users and event creators to interact with their events over SMS (text message).

Here's how it works:

  1. Go into your account, go to settings and then communications. Enter in your phone number and choose your cell phone provider. That's all the prep work...done!

  2. Now every time one of your friends invites you to a last minute event, you'll get a text message. Here's the great part though...if you want to respond to the event, all you have to do is reply back with the following:

    To RSVP Yes:
    rsvp y

    To RSVP No:
    rsvp n

    To add a comment to the event (no quotes):
    comment "your comment here"

  3. The event will be automatically updated with your RSVPs and comments, without you ever looking at a computer. Even better, you'll receive updates and messages from the event creator, so you'll always be on top of the event.

  4. Now additionally, if you're the event creator, you have one additional command that really comes in handy. You'll receive a text message as well on event creation, and you can reply to it with the following command:

    To blast a message to all invitees:
    msg "your message here"
Pretty awesome huh? Well, we think so at least. We're continuing to work on the mobile aspect of the service, so we'll keep you posted of the next big push.

Oh, in addition to the SMS functionality, we've updated the wording of the emails to be a bit more clear, as well made some more interface tweaks to make things easier to use. Let us know what you think!


Danny O'Kelley said...

A suggestion: the option to text 'help' to receive a list of available commands.

Jeff said...

Hey Danny,

Great suggestion...we're actually working on that as we speak and should have that out within the next day or so. Thanks for the feedback!